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Writer's Block?

We know how you feel.

Work in Progress Support
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A support community for those in the midst of writing projects.
WIP Support
Works in progress are some of the most exhilarating and tedious stages in the writing process. In dealing with fiction or poetry, nonfiction or fanfiction, actually writing what you've envisioned can be extremely difficult. WIP Support is a place to deal with the difficulties that come from WIPs, and to support and encourage other members in their endeavors.

Feel free to post:
  • your works in progress themselves, in order to get feedback from other members
  • any writer's block questions or woes (if you need to vent, vent!)
  • your strategies for overcoming the challenges presented by WIPs
  • outlines, character sketches, illustrations, rough drafts - anything related to the development of your writing
  • anything else dealing with WIPs!

This is a support community, and we're here to support each other. It goes without saying that any and all rude behaviour will not be tolerated here. Critiques and feedback are an integral part of the writing process, but there is no need to be cruel when posting these things. Be honest, not harsh.

If you have any questions that you don't feel comfortable asking in the community, PM applespicy. Thank you!

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